One thing that makes going to a show extra special is going out to eat before. I like to try as many new places as I can. Thanks to the Great Kosher Restaurant Magazine hunt I been able to test out many new kosher restaurants.

With each task my friends and I were presented different food to taste from different restaurants. The food got better while the tasks got crazier and crazier.

At Pitopia I had to take someone’s order and pretend to be working in the store. My friend had to wash the dishes and wear a crazy costume. Luckily we were paid with a free falafel platter that was really yummy.

Anther task included creating a seven story cup tower in as many restaurants as we could; boy did we get stares for that one!

Getting to know all the staff at the many restaurants also was highlight. We got to sing with managers, take selfies with the owners and work with other members of the restaurant.

Thank you Great Kosher Restaurant Magazine for this experience! My friends and I had a great time. I loved tasting different foods and enjoying new dishes. I can’t wait for the next hunt