Davy MackDave MacAaron (aka Davy Mack) works as a doorman for the Broadhurst Theater, but he is also a talented photographer. His access to Broadway shows have allowed him to capture some fantastic moments backstage and the photos he takes are vibrant and expressive. No matter how serious or lighthearted the subject, Davy’s photographs seem to taunt you with the live story that is happening behind the scenes.

Your backstage photos from Anastasia, Tuck Everlasting, Lucky Guy and other shows are amazing. Where does your interest in photography come from?
Thanks! I attended film school at NYU, and I started off doing short films and music videos. I then did music for a while, singing in a band in NYC, eventually recording and releasing an album. I wound up getting back into video and stills because there was a need for it in the circle of musicians I was in, and I knew how to do all that. I eventually wound up doing more still photography because it was a way to capture and share images much more immediately and it soon became a passion of mine.

Christy Altomare opens fanmail in her dressing room at the Broadhurst Theatre

Christy Altomare opens fan mail in her
dressing room at the Broadhurst Theatre

How did you land a job as a backstage doorman for the Broadhurst Theatre?
My father was an actor and had appeared on Broadway. Later on, as he aged and his health diminished, he became a Broadway doorman and I just fell into it. The job was/is flexible and left me time to audition and do other things as well.

Were you interested in theater before you started working on Broadway?
I come from a family of actors and artists, and I acted for some time myself. Growing up in Manhattan, and with parents who were both involved with the arts, Broadway was a big part of our lives.

Do you think that working in close proximity with so many stage artists has influenced your own art?
Absolutely! It’s inspiring to be around so many talented performers each day. I love that we are able to be creative together and come up with fun shots that really showcase who they are as well as their talents.

What do you think makes a good picture?
With my street and outdoor photography, I try to capture a scene that makes you feel like you are there or WANT to be there. With people, I try to capture something that you may not see on the surface. I want their inner being to show through in the photo.