Constantine MaroulisConstantine Maroulis is an actor, producer, singer and songwriter best known for his Tony-nominated performance in Rock of Ages and as a finalist on American Idol. His upcoming album will be released in 2018 and he is now starring in a new, original show off-Broadway called BULLDOZER: The Ballad of Robert Moses.

What drew you to the role of Robert Moses?
I think every actor is always curious when an opportunity comes their way, particularly with a new work, so it always piques your interest. New work, starring role, let’s take a look at it. Then I got to meet Peter [Galperin] and we quickly became very good friends. He is a hyper-intellectual fellow, very talented, and although this is really his first musical, I think it’s excellent. I love the music, it spoke to me.

I am a true New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, New York and I know Robert Moses’ work from the 20th century, just having grown up here, and of course, his relationship with Nelson Rockefeller– the innovations, the infrastructure he built and envisioned, but also the divide that he created among minorities in our beautiful city as well is something quite historical that happened in the 20th century in New York. I mean, he created the government housing concept, “ghettos.” He is sort of a polarizing individual and I thought I could bring something interesting to the role. If we could bring the audience in in a genuine way from the beginning and maybe get them to even like him and understand where he is coming from at first and then see a tragic downfall– I thought it could be an interesting show.

What do you think audiences are going to take away from this show?
Well, it’s a wonderful space. The theater at St. Clemens is a great theater and a desirable one for lots of shows that want to start off‑Broadway, so we have the luxury of having an amazing space to work in, an old Gothic church turned into a theater. We really turned it almost a construction site in ways. Scaffolding makes up most of the set. It’s crude and simple.

There are five actors in the show only so some of the actors play multiple characters. It’s going to play 90 minutes straight without an intermission and that’s exciting for all these actors to keep pounding away.

I think audiences are going to be surprised at how cool the music is, it’s original and unique. I don’t think there is really a basis for comparison. I think the dialogue plays really well. It’s a tight little show. Everyone gets a nice showcase for themselves. It’s certainly not just about me. Kacie Sheik is wonderful. Molly Pope is wonderful. Ryan Knowles plays several parts which is very cool, shows his flexibility. And it’s a super tall cast because Wayne Wilcox and I and Ryan are all over 6’3″ so you don’t normally see three tall guys in the same cast, so itR