You know you are a Broadway junkie when…

You save all your money to see new Broadway shows and you hardly eat. Because you rather spend your money on tickets.


You have a huge collection of playbills. 


You count down till new shows open.


You enter every online lottery daily hoping you win at least one.


You have a $10 bill waiting in your wallet for Hamilton lottery.


You know every single detail about your favorite show.


Scoring a backstage tour is everything.


You cancel plans with friends last minute for Broadway show tickets.


You stage door a Broadway show so many times the cast starts to remember your face and possibly your name.

giphy (1)

You wish you could see a show a day.


You spend more time at Broadway shows than with your own family.


When you are having a conversation and someone says something that makes you think of a Broadway song. EX:  when you hear “one more” you think of “One Day More” from Les Miserables.


When a Broadway ad comes up on YouTube you don’t skip it.


Thank you to Meg for helping find the perfect GIFs!

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