Come to The Fun Home

On July 2 I attended an AOL Build Series interview, to see the lovely ladies who play the role of Alison Bechdel in the Broadway show Fun Home. If you have not seen the show, it is a must. The show is about a girl Alison, who is trying to figure out who she is. Sydney Lucas plays young Alison, Emily Skeggs play medium Alison and Beth Malone plays adult Alison.

Beth Malone, Sydney Lucas, and Emily Skeggs

This interview was a delight to watch and shows how well the girls who play Alison get along in real life.

In the show they do not interact or really have scenes together since they play the part at different stages of Alison’s life.

Sydney stressed that acting is not as important to her as her grades are. She needs to get an “A” on everything. She said, “I don’t really think of acting as a job. It’s more like fun, it’s playtime.” Sydney also spoke about how awesome her experience with the Tony awards were and that she loved every second – she couldn’t pick a favorite part about the experience. Beth mentioned that at the Tony Awards she was in costume but kept being mistaken for a member of the crew instead of a performer!

The interview was hilariously funny and I loved seeing how they were all so passionate about the show.

Emily and Beth both said they enjoy the After Show a lot. They referred to it as their “Second Act.” The after show is when they meet the fans who tell them their stories and thank them for their performance in the show. They’ve also been asked for advice on even sensitive topics such as coming out to their parents.

Overall, I had a great time at this AOL Build. You can watch the full thing here

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