On Monday, September 18, Cabaret For A Cause will hold a benefit for Story Shifters at the Metropolitan Room in NYC. We spoke to some of the talented young stars who will be performing at this event; Carly Gendell, Rileigh McDonald, Taylor Richardson, Mckayla Twiggs and Sarah Charles Lewis.

Created by Tiffany Schleigh in 2010, Cabaret for a Cause is a NYC-based event series that brings together young professionals from Broadway, film and television for an evening of dance and vocal performance. The goal is to provide a positive environment where young people can work together and use their talents to raise funds and awareness for those less fortunate.

Carly Gendell

Broadway credits: School of Rock

How did you get involved in Cabaret for a Cause?
About a year and a half ago, Tiffany Schleigh (founder of CFAC) direct messaged me on Instagram and invited me to perform in their summer show. I was so excited, but at that time I was still in School of Rock and had a conflict, so sadly I had to wait. Fast forward to November 2016 and a new Cabaret for a Cause show was becoming the talk of the Broadway kid town. In this show, all the acts were performed in duets or groups, enforcing friendship and teamwork which is so important in this business. My good friend Diego Lucano needed a partner, so I stood and sang by his side!

What will you be singing and why did you choose that song?
This time I will be singing “Gimme, Gimme” from Thoroughly Modern Millie. I chose this song because Millie is one of my ultimate dream roles and I think the song is a lot of fun to sing!

What was it like being on Broadway?
It is CRAZY! Balancing school, a social life, and “Sticking It to the Man” eight times a week was one of the most challenging things that I have ever did. Although it was tough, it was so much fun and an amazing life experience! I hope to have the opportunity to perform on Broadway again and again–for me, there is nothing I would rather do!

Do you have a favorite memory or funny behind-the-scenes story from a show?
I have a lot of funny stories from backstage, but one of my favorites was when Alex Brightman performed an early April Fools prank on the Demon Rascals; he told us that two of the Jonas Brothers were coming to see the show. I got SUPER excited and replied “I LOVE CAMP ROCK!” Then he told me that Demi Lovato was coming as well—DEMI FREAKING LOVATO! Let’s just say I was not happy when I found out this was not true. (Check out this link: https://youtu.be/U2ZBY2wkdrc?t=5m30s)

If you could be stuck in an elevator with any Broadway star, who would it be?
I would choose Jessie Mueller because DEM PIPES THO!

Dream role:
Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie

When I’m not performing, you can usually find me…
Dancing at Dance Molinari! Ballet and Hip Hop are my favorites and I need to practice, practice, practice–those pointe shoes aren’t going to fill themselves!

What’s your favorite Broadway show?
It changes from week to week, but I am currently loving the soundtrack for Something Rotten! What a score!

What is the funniest joke that you heard recently?
Anything that Luke Bonenfant or Diego Lucano says!

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