Broadway Lotteries are Going Digital

No more trekking all the way to the city, just to lose a show lottery. Broadway’s  The Lion King, Something Rotten, Jersey boys, and Fun Home and more all have online lotteries that you can enter via your computer, phone, or tablet. How cool is that?

Generally speaking, Broadway lotteries are one of the best ways to buy cheap tickets to a show without sacrificing quality seating.

Online lotteries work a little different from the physical ones at the theater. The lion king, Something Rotten, and Fun Home for instance, you can enter at any time from morning until 4 hours before the show starts. They let you know if you won 3 to 4 hours before the show. Hamilton’s lottery you can enter from 9AM and winners are picked at 4. A person can enter to win up to two tickets at a deeply discounted price. I have won the On The Town lottery, but haven’t tried the other ones yet.

If you do win a lottery, you are sent a confirmation email. You will also receive an email if you don’t win. Something to keep in mind is that the emails and winners aren’t all going out at the same time. Similar to physical lotteries, sometimes the winner doesn’t take the tickets or changes the number of tickets they want. In this case there’s a second or even third round of emails that go out letting people know they’ve won or lost. So if everyone around you gets an email, and you receive nothing don’t worry! It’s possible you’ll still win!

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