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After interviewing so many talented stage performers, Broadway Wiz is shining a spotlight on creators and innovators. They may not have their name in a playbill, but all of these people have found ways to share their love for Broadway through their artistry.

Our first artist is Aubrey Solum, creator of Broadway Bowtique. Broadway Bowtique is a bow, headband, shirt, and tutu company that specializes in custom Broadway themed items. Everything is entirely handmade and customized just for you!

Where did the idea for Broadway Bowtique come from and how did you get the business started?
I started making bows when I was about 10 years old. I would make show themed ones for shows I was in, and it became a big hit locally. One day I decided to put it up on Instagram, and it just grew from there. It wasn’t an overnight success, I’d say it took about 6 months to really take off.

What is the design process like for each item that you create?
When I start new designs I try to look at what’s popular at the moment. If a new show has come out that seems to be a big hit in the theatre community, I start thinking up ideas in terms of colors and patterns, and work with my supplier to see if I can find ribbon/fabric I’m looking for.

Do you have a favorite bow?
I’d have to say my favorite bow is one I launched not too long ago. It has gems in the center, Broadway on the left, and a name/monogram on the right!

Where did your love of theater come from?
My love of theatre came when I did a production of Aladdin Jr. at my elementary school. I live in Sarasota, FL, which is one of the most artsy towns around, and I was lucky to see lots of theatre growing up. I got really into it when I was around 7.

First Broadway show you ever saw?
The first Broadway show I ever saw was The Little Mermaid in 2008. I was 4 years old, and we were visiting NYC. I loved Disney, and my mom said I was mesmerized by the show!

Favorite Broadway show?
My favorite Broadway show changes a lot, but ones that I never stop loving are Legally Blonde, Ghost, Les Misérables, Wicked, and Once On This Island. I’m also super into Mean Girls!

What advice would you give those in the theatre community who may want to start their own Broadway themed business?
My advice is to just start. I didn’t have any real plan, I just kind of threw it out there. If you have a passion and drive for it, it will come to fruition. My business became more than I ever dreamed of. Get yourself on social media platforms, and network! Send free products to anyone you can, and become friends with everyone in the community! Word of mouth really is the best form of advertising!

Sophie & Dalya Knapp wearing Les Misérables Bows
Sophie & Dalya Knapp on tour with Les Misérables

What has been the most rewarding part of your business so far?
The most rewarding part is seeing all the kids in their bows. I get tons of pictures on the daily of kids on Broadway and National Tours wearing their bows and it makes me so happy! I also love when parents send me videos of their kids opening their bows, and seeing how excited they get! It’s also been amazing to send bows to Broadway stars and see them share my work.

Do you have any new projects on the horizon?
After I leave the production I’m currently in, I have lots of collabs coming up with some of my favorite companies! I also have lots of new products coming out, but I won’t share too much just yet!


Visit BroadwayBowtiqueShop to shop for custom bows, tutus, headband, tees and more!

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