Born To Be Wild – Trip of Love

Written by Serena and Joy

Trip of Love is a groovy show with lots of spunk. It takes you on a fun journey through 60’s music. The production value for each number is astounding, considering that this is Off-Broadway. From the spectacular sets, to the upbeat dancing, crazy quick costume changes, classic songs and fun props (which include an electric motorcycle!), it’s a feast for your eyes.

Thanks to Creator/Director/Choreographer James Walski, the terrific cast dances up a storm and performs the heck out of some high energy, fun, and entertaining routines. You’ll see some 60’s style dance, contemporary, ballroom and much, much more.

photo taken by James Walski

Complementing the dancing, you have over 500 costumes that are designed by the fabulous Gregg Barnes (Something Rotten, Aladdin). That’s at least 25 costumes per actor. Wowzers! Sparkles, fringes, go-go dresses, bikinis, bell bottoms and barely-there costumes; psychedelic prints, evening gowns– you name it and they got it.

Trip of Love is a great showcase for familiar tunes that will have you humming along: “It’s Not Unusual”, “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’”, “Born to Be Wild”, “California Dreamin’”, my personal favorite “The Girl From Ipanema” and lots more. The leading cast members (Joey Calveri, David Elder, Kelly Felthous, Dionne Figgins, Austin Miller, Tara Palsha and Laurie Wells) are all triple threats who perform the songs with great vigor and enthusiasm. Despite this being a 60’s theme, everything looks and sounds fresh.

photo taken by James Walski

No matter what age you are, this is a show that everyone can enjoy. So get off Broadway and head to Stage 42 for Trip of Love!

Things to keep in mind if you see Trip of Love:

  • Small theater with really comfortable seats that all have great views.
  • The ladies restrooms were very clean and the lines moved quickly.
  • Really entertaining, high energy show!

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