Be a Broadway Star

Be a Broadway Star is my new favorite board game!!! When I sat down to play it with Tzivi I didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be a lot of fun and we had a great time playing!

The game is like the Broadway version of Monopoly. You start off with some money and have to buy things, but instead of purchasing property you can buy an agent, publicist or equity card. You can win Tony awards and the person with the most fan cards at the end wins. My favorite part of the game is the audition cards. You either get cast in a show or cut from a show. I kept on getting cut cards, but the one audition card I got was for The Book of Mormon, and if you sing a song from the show you’ve been cast in you win an extra fan card and another turn, so I sang “Turn it Off.”

I enjoyed the game a lot and now I feel like I understand the process Broadway actors go through a little more. You can work hard for a role and audition and try your hardest, but in the end it can lead to a lot of debt and disappointment. I loved acting out the songs on the cards and the “Make or Break” cards, which have challenges on them. Some were hard to do, but I guess that’s show biz. It is also worth all the hard work because you just might win a Tony Award! I didn’t win one but Tzivi did.

If you like to play games and have fun, Be a Broadway Star is the game for you! Thank you Ken Davenport for creating such a fun game!

Buy the game here, it’s a great gift for someone who loves Broadway.

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