Abby is a Bright Star!

Meet Broadway Wiz Bright Star, Abbs from Illinois!

Abby’s favorite shows are Wicked and Newsies and she loves to belt “Defying Gravity” in the shower.

A corn field in Illinois

On average, how many Broadway or Off-Broadway shows do you see a year?
I’m seeing 7 or 8 this year 🙂

How many local shows or community theater shows do you see a year?
Every time my community theatre has a show, I’m there (or in it!)

Favorite Broadway show:
Wicked or Newsies

All-time favorite performer:
Jeremy Jordan, Ramin Karimloo, and Andy Richardson. I couldn’t pick just one!

Songs you like to belt in the shower:
“Defying Gravity” or “The Wizard and I”

Favorite piece of theater memorabilia you own:
My playbill and $5 bag I got from Newsies last weekend. They’re both in a frame on my wall in my room.

Most memorable performance you’ve ever seen:
Seeing Cats when I was in 6th grade. It was literally amazing and I still wish I could dance like that!

Best interaction you have had with another theater fan:
My best friend forgetting to breathe when we saw Newsies last week and me having to remind her to!

Why do you love theater?
It’s my passion! I don’t wanna do anything else when I’m older. I love that I can create/tell a story from a different perspective.

Dream roles?
Glinda Uppland, Elphaba Thropp, Christine Diae, Katherine Plumber, and Éponine…..I have lots of dream roles! Look for my name in the future.

Best stagedoor or backstage experience?
When I met the cast of Newsies. They were all so sweet!! They’re the first cast I’ve ever met from a professional show. Love and miss them 🙂

Favorite spots in NYC:
Uhhh….Broadway? I’ve only been there once sadly 🙁

If you could sing a duet or perform a scene with any Broadway star, who would it be?
Andy Richardson or Kara Lindsay

Did you ever fangirl when you met an actor/performer?:
I cried when I met Morgan Keene and Andy Richardson….they laughed but it was embarrassing aha

Favorite thing about Broadway Wiz?
You keep all of us Broadway fans updated!

What would your super power be?
Tough question! The power to refill stuff. Out of food? Refilled. Out of money? Refilled. Tada.

Besides theater, what are some of your other passions or hobbies?
SINGING, sleeping, eating, reading, and writing 🙂

Where can we stalk you online?
My Twitter is @abbschaefer and I also have a YouTube

Anything else you would like to share? Funny stories, weird facts about yourself, cool talents?
Sometimes I forget that I’m an awful dancer and try to dance with the cast of Cats online.

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