Win a full set of Signed Newsies Trading Cards

Since we miss Newsies on Broadway, we are giving away a one of a kind Newsies prize: A full set of signed trading cards from the original Broadway cast!

Cards include such stars as Jeremy Jordan, Kara Lindsey and more!

Mandatory Entries:

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  • Follow and RT on twitter 
  • Many of the Newsies have iconic names such as Crutchie, Romeo, and Buttons. Comment below on what your Newsies name would be and why.

The winner will be chosen randomly on December 24th.

Good Luck!!!

Handmade By cast member John E. Brady

The idea of trading cards was actually inspired by one of the cast members, John E. Brady who created a handmade set. The Newsies liked the idea so much they had limited edition official ones made!


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  • Flower

    Flower, because I like to smell good.

  • Pamela

    Bookworm, because I am always reading a book

  • Aura

    Winner, always entering contests

  • Michelle

    Owl because I always stay up too late.

  • Lissy Doll

    Polaroid, because I love taking pictures… and this is what my Newsie nickname has been on the Newsies Mailing List for over 6 years now and I don’t plan on changing it any time soon.

  • Jacobsnchz

    It would probably be Specs or Sweety… or Modest… lol. Maybe Friendly? hahah.

  • mjeanp27

    Tunes, I’m always playing/listening to music.

  • Gianluca Russo

    Melody, because I always screw up the harmonies in Carrying The Banner and end up singing the melody:) if I could be any actual newsie I would 100% choose Specs because Ryan Steele is life and his dancing slays me every time

  • Emerald

    My Newsie name would be Light, because I’m one who likes to spread it amongst others when they’re in darkness.

  • Arleth

    Sugar because I have the biggest sweet tooth

  • Fire

    Fire, because my hair looks like its on fire in the sun.