Why I Miss How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying + Giveaway

Is there a show that you saw on Broadway that you miss like crazy now that it’s gone?   I have a few, but the one that stands out is How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. I saw the Broadway revival in of the show in 2011 and 2012 countless times when it was on Broadway. It starred Daniel Radcliffe and John Larroquette. Radcliffe played J. Pierrepont Finch, and he was outstanding in this role. I loved the part where he sang Brotherhood of Men andhe convinced his boss not to fire him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69WpCBLrdSQ. I also really liked Christopher Hanke as Bud Frump. When he sang his coffee break song, the lyrics and his facial expressions were priceless, and the cast dancing around him trying to get the last cup of coffee just made me laugh.

When Darren Criss succeeded Radcliffe in the role of J. Pierrepont Finch for a limited three-week engagement from January 3–22 in 2012, of course I had to go see the show to see if he was as good as Radcliffe. Criss did a great job, but I liked Radcliffe’s performance better. But, honestly, my favorite J. Pierrepont Finch was Nick Jonas, who took over the role of Finch on January 24, 2012. He added so much to Finch and really seemed to connect with him from the very first scene as the window washer.  His acting, singing, and dancing was spot on, and when he sang the song about falling in love with Rosemary, you felt his passion. I really enjoyed the show every time I saw it, and I was so sad when it closed on May 20, 2012. I hope I get to see a revival of it again one day soon.

54 Below just had a performance  of just the songs. If they brought that cast to Broadway, I wouldn’t hate it. Josh Grisetti’s take on Finch was really great. His voice is amazing.   Ginna Claire Mason, who played Rosemary, was so sweet and innocent. George Salazar as Bud and the rest of the cast did a great job with “Ccoffee Break”; I just wanted to get on stage and sing with them. I also liked “Brotherhood of Men the way they did it they added more of a jazzy touch to it, for a  very different feel from this past production on Broadway. Bottom line: if they did this 54 Below concert again, I would get front row seats.

Shout out to Michael Park who was in the Broadway cast! So excited he’s coming back  to Broadway soon in Dear Evan Hansen! Enter to here win cool merchandise from the show!

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  • Troy Arsenian

    Nick Jonas!

  • tristanrobin

    Hands down – Robert Morse! Daniel Radcliffe is probably my next favorite, though I also really enjoyed the productions with Mathew Broderick (and again with John Stamos when he stepped in). I’m a huge fan of H2$!

  • tristanrobin

    I did all the requirements except reposting Instagram … don’t have an account. LOL

  • Brittany Boots

    I saw nick Jonas perform in NYC it was amazing I got 25$ rush tickets and ended up in the 3rd row the show was amazing the cast was amazing. Ivery done every thing required tags twitter: @musicalwhos instagram: bboots23

    • Congratulations you are the winner

      • Brittany Boots

        Awesome!!!!! I’m so excited!!!

  • Hannah Manclark

    Just subscribed! My favorite Finch is Daniel Radcliffe. His dancing was great especially since he was never known for his dancing or singing since he was just known as Harry Potter. I was lucky enough to meet him a few years back after a performance of the Cripple of Inishmaan. I loved his portrayal of Finch so much! My parents saw Nick Jonas while he was in it and they loved it with him as Finch!

  • Hannah Manclark

    I also did all of the requirements! Insta:hannahs_world123 twitter:officialhan2m

  • Ben Lebofsky

    Just subscribed! I also followed you on Twitter and RT the post! (@bentweetscelebs on Twitter). I saw Daniel and Darren in the role and I have to say I enjoyed Daniel a little more, although I liked Darren as well (it was in the heat of my Starkid phase so I am a little biased lol).

  • Matthew Camardo

    Just subscribed! Great blog! I have reposted the picture on Instagram and retweeted it on Twitter! My user is @theatregleek Instagram, and @theatregleek on Twitter!

  • Matthew Camardo

    I forgot to talk about my favorite Finch! Daniel Radcliffe COMPLETELY blew me away! All 3 guys killed it, and each one brought something new to the table. I have always followed Daniel’s work, and we even share a birthday! When he came to Broadway I was very intrigued, and I’m so upset I was unable to see him perform! Nonetheless, I own the cast album and love listening to it on my way to school! Darren is extraordinary too of course, as well as Nick Jonas! These men certainly did NOT disappoint!

  • Ryon

    Subscribed! This contest is so cool! HUGE fan of this show! I’ve been acting since the age of 6, and this was my first ever show! I’m so happy it’s your favorite too! My favorite Finch was Darren by far! Loved him in Glee, and loved him in this! His voice is just so unique! I have done all of the requirements, I reposted the picture and retweeted the tweet! Insta is @theatregods and Twitter is @ThespianGods
    Thanks again for having this contest! I really hope I win this stuff! It would mean so much to me!

  • Ashley Bratton

    Shared on Facebook (@AshleyBratton) and Retweeted on Twitter (@AshleyBratton17)! Also Subscribed😊 My favorite Finch was definitely Nick Jonas! Can that man sing or what! He was amazing! I also loved Daniel! He was so funny and an excellent dancer! Thanks for doing this contest, and I love your blog! It keeps me updated with the all the happenings in theatre!

  • Jayson

    I shared this on my Facebook-Jayson Rochetti and reposted this on my Instagram-jaysonrochetti
    I also subscribed! Darren Criss was my all time favorite Finch, I was fortunate enough to see him last minute, but was unable to stage door the show! Wish I could have seen it again!

  • NPH Fans

    This is last minute, but I hope I will still be considered for this! I retweeted the photo on my Twitter, StoryofNPH, and I reposted the picture on my Instagram, fansnph

    I just subscribed, I actually haven’t followed many Broadway blogs until now! I really enjoy this one, especially the digital lottery article! Thanks for doing this contest!

    My favorite Finch has to be Nick Jonas, there’s something about how his voice that is so unique! He’s amazing! I really look up to him as a role model!

  • Catherine

    Just subscribed! My Twitter is Idinaismysavior (I retweeted the tweet) and my Instagram is Broadwaynerd238. I think giveaways like these are the best! My favorite Finch was Daniel, he did so well with his American accent! I also LOVED their performance at the Tonys! That’s what made me want to see the show so badly! Unfortunately Daniel was not playing Finch that day☹️