Giveaway: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Sheet Music

Broadway Wiz is giving away season one sheet music from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Sheet Music

Here’s how to win:

  1. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
  2. Leave a comment on your favorite video
  3. Comment below on this post that you did both

Winner will be picked on March 1st

2017-02-17T13:20:15+00:00 February 17th, 2017|Contests and Giveaways, TV|17 Comments
  • Christina

    I Did all the steps!!

  • Rachel Jones

    For your consideration…


    *I did the things.

  • Podophonic


  • Emie S.

    *in the tune of We Should Definitely Not Have Sex Right Now*
    You should definitely pick me to win this prize
    You should definitely pick me to win this prize
    It would make me really happy

    Also, I did the things.

  • Jstebs

    Subscribed and commented!

  • Rachel Schiff

    I did all the steps!

  • Lauren Ashley

    I did both! I commented on the video of Laura Michelle Kelly singing all that matters!

  • Jamie Lee

    I subscribed, commented on my favorite video on your channel (Rachel Bloom singing “You Stupid Bitch” at 54 Below), and commented here!

  • Karen Liu

    I did the three things! bless u broadway wiz for this! looking forward to your vids popping up in my subscription inbox now!

  • solleyam

    I did the thing!!

  • Ashleigh H

    Subscribed and comment on the newsies Jordan Samuels snapchat takeover!

  • Sophie

    I commented on the video of Rachel singing ‘You Stupid Bitch’ at 54 Below, I subscribed to the YT channel and I’m commenting here! Triple threat, kinda.

  • Kirsten

    Subscribed to your channel, commented on Rachel’s rehearsals of “Naughty Baby” ( which am so grateful for – I have mentioned this in my comment – again,thanks for sharing! ), and I just let you know by commenting here! Hoping for the best. =)

  • Elyse

    I did all the steps 😀
    Commented under the video of Rachel Bloom rehearsing for crazy for you 🙂

  • Connor Martin Lidell

    I did all the steps! That I got Rhythm video was super awesome.

  • Lexi

    I did both. From Lexi

  • Ana-Brit Asplen

    Tried to do all the steps, but my YouTube account is wonky and won’t let me comment on stuff 😛 Did subscribe though! Desperately want a copy of this!