Win a full Set of Signed Newsies Trading Cards!

In honor of Newsies’ last show which will be August 24th, we are giving away a one of a kind Newsies prize: A full set of signed trading cards from the original Broadway cast!

Cards include such stars as Jeremy Jordan, Kara Lindsey and more!

There are two steps to entering and winning this contest:

  1. Subscribe to the blog!
  2. Many of the Newsies have iconic names such as Crutchie, Romeo, and Buttons. Comment below on what your Newsies name would be and why.

The winner will be chosen randomly on Friday, August 29th.

Good Luck!!!

Handmade By cast member John E. Brady

The idea of trading cards was actually inspired by one of the cast members, John E. Brady who created a handmade set. The Newsies liked the idea so much they had limited edition official ones made!








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  • Cami

    My Newsies name would probably be something like Tumble because when I was little I would tumble a lot 😛 Or something to do with Butterflies 😉

  • Smprather

    I think my Newsies name would be something like Little Sis, kind of like Smalls. We could be the two female newsies!

  • Celina

    I like to think that my newsie name would be Dealer! I love playing cards, and I pretty often end up walking around with my stack of playing cards, shuffling them whenever I get the chance! 😀

  • pancho

    if i was a newsie my name would be ditch… because when i graduate highschool im going to ditch my negative life here and move to new york city…start new…in a lot of situations if i feel uncomfortable or a faliure i try to ditch my problems by running away from them but face them at the same time later…so i think ditch would be my newsie name…but id never ditch my fellow newsies or the fansies

  • DisneyFanatic1

    My Newsies name would be Whiskers because I love cats!

  • Sean Ryan

    My name would be Teach cause I’m a teacher!

  • Rach F

    My Newsies name would be Klutz, because I am klutzy and I am always tripping on stuff.

  • Erin Scully

    My Newsies name would be “sings” because I never stop singing, especially songs from Newsies!

  • Meaghan416

    My Newsies name would be Musica because Music and Musical Theatre are my Everything! <3

  • Tim

    My name would be Pinky cause I have funny looking pinky fingers

  • Madison

    My Newsies name would be Splits because I am a dancer 🙂

  • Mikayla

    My name would be Birdy, (like the singer) because she is one of my favorite singers and i just really look up to her because of how before she was even really known across the world, she already had songs on the TV show TVD and she has just tried putting herself out there, which is what you should try to do without depending on others and i just really find the name to be pretty interesting <3

  • Tylee

    My Newsies name would be Ginger because I have red hair.

  • joe

    Goose ’cause I like flight.

  • Alex Stafford (@laffy_staffy)

    My newsies name would be “Sickie”, but I literally have the worst luck with getting sick. I have been on six different tracks of antibiotics in the past year – and I am currently starting my seventh for tonsillitis. Basically, I have the worst luck of any singer in the entire world because I always have some sort of throat related illness, and I may have to have my tonsils removed. So yay!

  • Elizabeth K

    My Newsies name would be Strings, because I play the viola and violin. I could provide some music for my fellow newsie friends in the evening after the papes have been sold, but they’d probably tell me to stop playing so they could get some rest. I would eventually become best friends with another newsie, one who sings, and we would join together to sell the papes–he’d sing the headline while I would accompany him on my instrument. We would each end up making the most out of all of our friends, so we’d treat them all to a glass of Seltzer instead of plain old water after a long day of selling the papes for The World!

  • Melanie

    My Newsies name would probably be Birdie, because I am incapable of going one day without singing. I would actually probably use singing as a way to sell more papers.

    PS Hey Joy! Remember me? I’m the girl that freaked out about Alan Menken, lol…
    Also, I think I subbed, but I’m not positive. I hope I did…

  • Em

    My Newsies name would be Wittle, the combination of being little in size, and continuously making witty remarks at others.

  • Mackenzie

    My Newsies name would be pointe because i love ballet

  • Allison Perchman

    My newsies name would be moon moon, like the wolf that messes up a lot. I feel a strong connection to him and i feel like my newsies family would understand me by the nick name moon moon. IM WEIRD IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE!!!!

  • Mati

    My name would be Spendah because I’m a big spender.